EA drops PC version for Madden 09

With PC gaming representing a mere 14% of games in 2007, and recent talks about the end of the PC as a gaming platform, EA is seemingly doing its part now to solidify PCs death with the removal of the Madden 09 PC version . While others continue to argue that PC gaming is still healthy, the removal of EA Sports’ best selling franchise from the PC is a clear sign of the state of the industry. The game will be getting healthy releases on August 12th for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, Nintendo Wii, and Nintendo DS (aka every other system known to man).

This is of course not a popular decision and has been met a certain amount of criticism. Peter Moore has responded to some of that on his blog by saying, “We knew that our decision to not develop this year’s Madden for the PC would be an unpopular decision in some circles. But I’ll reiterate what I said a couple of weeks ago in this space…the PC presents some very serious business challenges to us in the sports category, particularly because so many of you all are playing your favorite sports games on the PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii. We are committed to shipping a limited number of our games on the PC this year, but we’ve also had to cut a few of our games from the platform. We do have ideas for how to revitalize the PC for sports games and the types of games that are best suited to the platform, and we’ll continue to explore those.”

So it’s obvious that EA isn’t getting enough returns from the PC versions anymore to justify the continued allocation of time and development resources. I’m betting all the people who have downloaded pirated versions of EA Sports’ titles year after year are feeling kind of funny right about now. Am I right?