Fallout 3 gets a Collector’s Edition

If a recent Gamestop mailer is to be believed, it seems a collector’s edition of the highly anticipated Fallout 3 will be available for sale along with a standard edition. As with all CE’s, there is the expected price hike and Fallout 3 is no exception. You should expect to pay an extra $20 for the collector’s edition (about $79.99 on PS3/360 and $69.99 on PC).

The collector’s edition comes in a metal case (think Bioshock’s CE case, but more like a lunchbox). Also included are a hardcover book of Fallout 3 art, ‘making of’ Fallout 3 DVD and Vault Boy Bobblehead. Oh, and the game of course.

For an extra $20, this seems like a real deal if you want to fully appreciate Fallout 3 and its 200 permutations. If you are looking forward to Fallout 3 as much as I am you can appreciate the desire for additional Fallout goodies, but are you willing to throw in the extra cash?

Fallout 3 is slated to launch for PC, PS3 and 360 sometime in the fall.

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