Sony confirms PSN update and downtime

After all the hype, video demonstrations and screenshots, this Monday it’s finally happening as Sony kicks their update to the PLAYSTATION Store into gear.

If you’re laying in bed tomorrow morning and you find yourself overwhelmed by the urge to download PixelJunk: Monsters, you may find yourself ever so slightly let down as the PLAYSTATION Store will be out of action from 8.00am (pacific time) through till 11.00pm. During this period, Sony will be implementing their long-awaited update to the Store.

After the revamp period ends, the first thing you’ll notice when you try and log into the network is that there is a new system software update available. This, presumably, is the v2.30 firmware update. Users of the Official PlayStation Community forum will also notice that their PSN ID has finally been linked with their forum accounts.

The Store update is going to be one of the big events for PS3 users this spring, not simply because of the new look and smoother feel but also because of some of the goodies that the new store will bring with it.

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