Wii modding factory gets PWNED

Undercover fraud agents have cracked down on some of our trans-Atlantic neighbours in the UK. Leicestershire’s Trading Standards Department moved in on a home that apparently made fake console chips for the Nintendo Wii. The operation was worth millions in Euros (which translates to even more in dollars), based on the evidence that was recovered. Two people have been arrested so far, effectively ending this chapter of gaming piracy.

However, an insider for Nintendo suggests that owning a chipped Wii is not as glamorous as it may sound. When it comes to playing a big Wii seller like Mario Kart, you’ll never pass the starting line. One could only imagine how many more games will become shiny paper weights if they were played on a modded system.

An insider suggests that the official Wii is the only way to go. If not for the moral obligation, then for the support that you can only get from the *real* Nintendo.

So what’s in store for the people who benefited from this operation you ask? As proof that law enforcement officials do have a sense of humour, visitors of the website who are unaware of the current happenings see the following message: “The site is currently down for maintenance. Normal service will resume shortly, sorry for the inconvenience.” How’s that for cheeky comedy?