Kane and Lynch, the adventure continues…

Everyone who’s insane for Kane & Lynch: Dead Men should be happy to know that free downloadable content including four new multiplayer maps — with somewhat clever names such as Clean Cut, Flying High, Hookers’ Trail, and Hasta La Vista — will be available for download this Thursday on both Xbox LIVE and PLAYSTATION Network.

Personally, I had high hopes for this game before it was released, but even if it didn’t exactly turn out to be the best shooter of the year, the game’s Fragile Alliance multiplayer mode drew attention and is definitely one of its most praised features. This DLC just goes to show you that some developers stand behind their games even if they don’t work out the way they were expected to. So check out this trailer for the new maps above and rekindle your interest with this game. If you don’t, a hit will be put out on your console.

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