Wii’s Sadness powered by the Gamebryo engine

Emergent Game Technologies has announced that Sadness, the first Wii game to be presented entirely in black and white, has found the perfect game engine. Sadness is a crime noir game that takes place right before World War I and following in the vain of the highly underrated title Okami, is sure to garner much attention with its unique visual style. It is also promised that the game will include highly engaging characters with a storyline to match.

What makes this title so promising is that it’s being built on the most powerful engine the Wii has at its disposal, the Gamebryo game engine. Emergent Game Technologies CEO Geoffrey Selzer says, “Sadness is designed to push the bounds of Wii technically and creatively. We are thrilled to be a part of Nibris’ ground-breaking product. We’re really looking forward to playing Sadness on Wii.”

It’s been also confirmed that the screenshot that was floating around a few days ago is indeed from Sadness as suspected.

Sadness for Wii is taking a new approach to bring horror games to the Wii. Players will have to face their fears in the hopes of not getting trapped in a nightmare. The game is said to have eight extreme endings that are based on the player’s actions. And yes, there will be Wii remote and Nunchuk gameplay to simulate your characters hands.

It’ll be nice to see what other visuals the Wii can produce other than cute and colorful characters from Nintendo’s flagship titles. It’s also very relieving to see a third party title for the Wii that isn’t guaranteed to be a letdown. There’s no release date just yet, but a title this unique is bound to get some more attention in the coming months.

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