Gran Turismo for PC? It could happen

In a recent interview Kazunori Yamauchi, head of Polyphony Digital (the company responsible for the Gran Turismo series), stated he believes in order to attract Chinese gamers that the series would have to be also available on PC and not primarily for the PS3.

Yamauchi, speaking with German site derStandard said, “It is very, very improbable that GT will come out on another console. But perhaps it comes to the PC. Particularly [for] the Chinese market.”

Other things of interest in the interview are the fact that GT5 Prologue was in development for four years by 150 people, and cost 50 times more than the original Gran Turismo to make. Yamauchi revealed: “A model required 180 days. For comparison, a car in GT2 needed only one day.”

But the most interesting tidbit that he released was that it would be his “dream” to move away from the Gran Turismo series and develop an RPG “with a similar high quality as GT.” But don’t get your hopes up, being that all of Polyphony’s developmental resources are currently locked in to completing the final build of GT5, which may not hit PS3’s until after 2009 hits.