New FreeBurn modes for Paradise City

The guys over at Criterion Games updated their website today with some great information regarding the upcoming Burnout Paradise DLC. Dubbed Codename: Bogart, the new content contains three new FreeBurn modes for you to enjoy. They bare the names of Online Stunt Run, Online Road Rage, and Online Marked Man.

Online Stunt Run supports up to eight players who battle it out to gain the highest score within 2 minutes. To make things even more competitive, you are allowed to try to take down your opponents to kill their combo multiplier. Even players who have been eliminated can continue to wreak havoc on the players who bested them.

Online Road Rage has two teams (red or blue) with opposing goals. One team has to reach the finish line, and the other team has to take them out. Sounds simple enough doesn’t it? The catch is the teams see different things. While the red team may only see where they need to go next, the blue team can also see that and where the finish line is. This is perfect for implementing vehicular stealth attacks.

Online Marked Man is probably the coolest addition. This gameplay has a single player who is randomly selected as the marked man. The only thing to do then is.. run like hell! There is a point system for those who survive and those who take out the marked man. Every 90 seconds, a new player is selected. Did I mention you can’t boost if you’re selected? Well you can’t. Your car moves slower too. Brilliant.

This update goes live in about 8 days according to Criterion’s site. Get those PS3’s and 360’s revved up because this is going to be sweet.

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