New Iron Man screens and armor images

SEGA already gave us some screens and video of their upcoming movie spin-off game Iron Man for the PS3 and 360 and it looked good. That wasn’t enough for them though, so they’ve released a few more screenshots and some images of the suits that we can expect to see in the game. While the in-game stuff doesn’t really show off anything that new – more flying, exploding and looking cool – the suits look down right sweet.

We of course get the classic armor that old school Iron Man used to wear before he escaped his jungle prison and was able to meet with a stylist, but more exciting is the inclusion of the Hulkbuster armor. Designed for exactly what its name makes it sound like, it was designed to stop the rampaging Hulk. Could this be hinting that the Hulk will make a guest appearance in the game? After all SEGA is publishing The Incredible Hulk and has the rights to use a whole plethora of marvel characters, so it’s incredibly plausible that they could cross the games over. We also get a peek at the system exclusive suits. Those who purchase the game on the 360 will get the Silver Centurian suit and picking up the PS3 version garners you the Ultimate suit, both will make you look like a bad ass.

The game is going to take bits from the comics and from the film and cram them into an open world arena much like the Spider-Man games have done so well, but with more explosions, destruction and the ability to fly. There’s a Wii version coming out too but not very much has been released on that. Let’s hope it doesn’t experience the same drop in quality that Spider-Man 3 did when it was developed separately from the 360 and PS3 versions. The Wii version has been pawned off to A2M for development instead of SEGA owned Secret Level, so take that as you will. All three iterations of the game (and the DS, PSP and PC versions too) will be released on May 2 to correspond with the opening of the film.

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