PS3 firmware 2.30 is up and running… sort of

After playing Folklore at 1am, I noticed the PSN Store had a different maintenance sign than what I saw earlier that day. So I checked the network update and there it was. Firmware 2.30 is now ready to be downloaded. This update includes the revamped PLAYSTATION Store that many were chewing their fingers to the bone in anticipation for.

The problem now is that, well, not all the images show up. It seems Sony may have released this update a little too soon. The downloads appear to work just fine though.

So much for first impressions huh? Since it is technically very early in the morning, we can expect this problem to be fixed soon. On the plus side, the store does navigate more smoothly than before, and there are little beeping sound effects when you move around. A welcome change from the *click* noise that was there before. So, there’s a few hiccups, but hey it’s still awesome!

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