PlayStation 3 laptop up for sale soon

You’ve had a PlayStation 3 since launch, you take advantage of the PS3 Remote Play with you PSP on a daily basis. Yet, there is still an empty void left in your gaming heart. You sit day in and day out thinking, “If only I could take my PS3 with me wherever I go.” Well, today is your lucky day, as soon your dreams may come true, if your willing to pay for them.

The folks over at reached out to their good friend, Ben Heck, and convinced him to take on this endeavor. For those who don’t know, Ben Heck is famous for creating the Xbox 360 laptop, the Wii Laptop and the PS360 controller. Taking a look at the specs below you will see that this is nothing like your standard laptop:

  • 60 GB harddrive with full backwards compatibility
  • 17-inch 720p LCD HDTV screen
  • HDMI-DVI connection
  • Built-in keyboard, USB ports (3), stereo speakers, headphone jack
  • Blu-ray drive (duh!)
  • 17 x 13.75 x 3-inches
  • 16 pounds

As I said earlier you will have a chance to own this piece of hardware yourself. Engadget plans on auctioning it off sometime in the future, with the money going towards charity. But, for now you will just have to settle with a video of the PS3 laptop in action.