Rock out this Spring with new guitar controllers

In what is perhaps the greatest news in gaming peripherals since the announcement of the Wii Zapper (not really), owners of the PlayStation Guitar Hero series as well as Rock Band will be able to play each game using only one guitar. That’s right, it doesn’t matter if you’re playing Guitar Hero on PS2 or PS3, this guitar will be compatible with all the games. No longer do you have to keep up with the confusion of which guitars you have to buy to fully enjoy your “psuedo” rock experience with your friends.

These new 4-in-1 guitars are being brought to the public by a company called The Ant Commandos (TAC). Scheduled to be released this Spring, TAC is one of the first companies to provide such an awesome array of guitar, bass, and microphone peripherals to owners of both games. These peripherals aren’t just a garden variety third party product trying to turn a profit. The Double Range Guitar comes in a variety of colors like flame red, electric blue, and jet black. It also comes loaded with tweaks and features.

Since the Double Range Guitar is compatible with Rock Band, it comes with the five lower frets that are perfect for churning out those face melting Metallica solos. It also has the standard 5-way toggle switch that the original Rock Band guitars shipped with. But what I think is the coolest feature of all is the introduction to what TAC calls the FreedomClip. It allows for totally strapless play. It’s practical, and has a nice ring to it. There’s even some love for all the bass players out there. I give you The Widow Maker.

The Widow Maker sets itself apart from all others because it actually resembles a real bass guitar. The body of the bass is longer and larger so that you won’t have to hear that same old question, “Who’s on guitar and who’s on bass?” Its design also makes it so that you won’t accidentally pause the game during heated jam sessions.

The retail price for the guitar is $49.99, and the bass will run you about $59.99. Those seem to be the standard prices for any controller these days, and given the fact that they are 100% compatible with both Guitar Hero and Rock Band, this is more than enough reason to pick these up.