Rockstar Games Social Club

It’s always been one of the quainter features of Grand Theft Auto games that you can access, via the pause menu, your gaming statistics. How far you’ve walked, how many pedestrians you’ve wasted, the total number of wanted stars collected, the list goes on.

Now, Rockstar is taking that simple idea and applying the formula (Nice Idea) + (Internets) = (PROFIT!) and what have they come up with? The Rockstar Games Social Club.

The Rockstar Games Social Club is an online leaderboard and community hub where GTA players will be able to measure their gameplay against other gamers and compare various awards. Rockstar will be giving away very limited supplies of awards to players who achieve certain milestones first, for example first to 100% completion. So basically, its institutionalised bragging rights.

This is going to mean one of two things. Either you’ll be drowning in a tide of inadequacy as you witness the dedication and skill of other players worldwide. Or, alternatively, you’ll be reassured at the fact you have enough of a life to not have time for running over old ladies or spending 100 hours on the back seat of your car with Roxanne.

Pre-registration for the Social Club begins on Thursday the 17th of April (And well done if you got The Police reference).