Wii Fit price, release date confirmed

The time has come for US citizens to get into shape and laugh at the same time. The release date and price for Wii Fit were both already known thanks to some GameStop employees, but nothing beats the official word. And now we have it – Nintendo’s exercising phenomenon will be released in the US on May 19 with a $89.99 price tag. The game and balancing board will ship in the already familiar and friendly on the eyes white and green packaging.

For those of you that may be in or around the Nintendo World Store at New York’s Rockefeller Plaza, Nintendo is going to throw in a small gift if you choose to put a $5 deposit down on the game. The first 1,000 Wii Fitians to secure their pre-order between April 18-20 will receive *gasp* a t-shirt! And not just any t-shirt, but a limited edition Wii Fit t-shirt with Shigeru Miyamoto’s picture on it. Feel free to sweat through it to your hearts content. You’ll also get his autograph. His reproduced autograph that is. Chances are these items will start showing up on eBay shortly after people get their hands on them.

Wii Fit sure is shaping up to be a hit in the states. Especially since it’s already sold 1.4 million copies in Japan since last December. Lets just hope there won’t be any stories about someone breaking their bones while exercising. Funny bones maybe.