Capcom’s Chris Svensson talks WiiWare, Western acquisitions

Christian Svensson, Capcom’s US VP, took some time from patrolling the Capcom forums to talk to Gamasutra about the future direction the company would be moving towards, as well as their stance on WiiWare support.

Svensson stated he fully expects Capcom to start making WiiWare titles soon, “I’m going to lump WiiWare in with PSP e-distribution, in that we’re looking for the right content first – a lot of the content we have now isn’t quite the right in value or approach or interface for WiiWare,” he continues, “I fully expect us to be doing some WiiWare titles very shortly in the west. I won’t speak for Japan on that particular issue, but there are interesting things happening at some point there, maybe.”

He also talked about Capcom trying to acquire a Western developer saying: “I would be surprised if we didn’t acquire a Western studio in the next two years. I think it’s just sort of a given.”

With no real hints as to who he was alluding to exactly he states: “My take on acquistion – and I’ve said this internally many times – is that we’re not going to acquire anyone that we haven’t done a game with. Chemistry is so critical.”

With statements like that, one can only wonder who they have their eyes on. But the good news is Mega Man X Infinity Plus One is practically a given for WiiWare.