Creepy countdown clock revealed

Mysterious Countdown Clock

If you head on over to the official Japanese PlayStation website, within one of the internal pages of the site you will be greeted by some disturbing sounds and a mysterious countdown clock.

Aside from the navigation menu, the page is devoid of content that might give you any clue as to what it all means. An eerie, dark red background with animated ripples, presumably simulating a pool of blood, fills the page. Along with this vivid background, is some especially disturbing whispered dialogue in English amidst what sounds like a rainstorm. It’s hard to decipher what the voices are saying unless you really crank up the volume, and I would not recommend doing that if you are at work and missing headphones, because some of the language used is for adults only, if you catch my drift.

It would have been fun to wait and see what the page counts down to but, to the dismay of whoever went through the trouble of making the page, Japanese game magazine Famitsu managed to ruin the surprise and let the cat out of the bag a bit early.

According to the latest issue, the clock is counting down to a new Siren game for the PS3. The original Siren game was a stealth-based survival horror game published by Sony Computer Entertainment and saw release on the PS2 in 2003. This latest installment is called Siren: New Translation and is supposedly a reworking of the original game. A demo for the game will be available on April 24th and the full game is set to hit the streets on July 24th.