Get your game career in gear…in Sweden

Next month will see a two-day game conference taking place in Malmö Sweden. Beginning May 14th at the Malmö Convention center, The Nordic Game Career Expo will showcase some of the best Nordic and European game companies and educational institutions, complete with on-site staff from developers such as Ubisoft, Crytek, Remedy and others.

On May 15th, from 9:00am to 5:00pm, students over 18 years of age and professionals in the areas of graphic design, computer science, IT, sound, music, art and other creative and engineering areas will be admitted free of charge.

Attendees will be able to watch some of the best game developers work live in the Career Expo, experience motion capture demonstrations and more. There will be guest speakers from the global games industry, as well as exhibiting game companies and educational institutions, including:

  • Thomas Howalt, Business Development Manager at IO Interactive and editor of New Danish Screen. Howalt will be holding a seminar called ”Surfing the Industry,” on how to prepare for a career and apply for jobs in the games industry, and even what to do if you are already working in another field but are interested in changing careers midstream.
  • Per Arne Lundberg, Business Manager at Swedish Game Incubator
  • and KooPee Hiltunen, Director of Finnish Neogames.

Despite their names, they will be there to give sound advice on how to avoid pitfalls when starting up a new game company in a session called ”Start-up-Survival-Kit.”

Hopeful recruits will also be able to introduce themselves to actively recruiting game development companies in a day long event called “Speed Dating for Games.”