GTA IV and Wii Fit, the best of friends

It looks like we’re going to see some real money thrown about by the end of this month. With both Wii Fit and GTA IV coming out in quick succession, April is going to be a big earner for the industry. But, with Wii Fit coming out merely days before Grand Theft Auto IV could Nintendo’s fitness software steal some of Rockstars thunder? Apparently not, according to the director of Analytical Services at EEDAR, Jesse Divnich.

When speaking to he commented, “In the short-term, there is that possibility, especially since GTA IV is targeting the mass market, which includes the casual gamers – the Wii’s main target market. In the long-term, no way. Any consumer planning on purchasing GTA IV will do so, whether in April or later on.”

Divinch went on to say, “Personally, I think both will co-exist nicely with each other and will do little to disrupt each other’s sales,” he said. March’s NPD results this week will actually help prove that a triple-A Xbox360 or PlayStation 3 title and a triple-A Nintendo Wii title can play nice with each other.”

The Wii fit has already sold out at most major online UK retailers and is expected to do equally well in the US. Nintendo UK has been trying to reassure consumers, urging them to “Shop around” stating some websites are still taking pre-orders and that they will do their itty bitty utmost to maintain a consistent supply of the game to retailers.

Similarly, there are high hopes pinned on Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto IV. The games publisher, Take-Two Interactive has predicted the game to make $400 million in its first week of release. Is it me or do you hear champaign corks popping and the clinking of crystal flutes? And not just because that’s a hell of a lot of money, but Take-Two stands to send wrecking balls through a number of records. First of all, the highest grossing game of all time was Halo 3, making a paltry $300 million in the first week. Of course, GTA IV has the edge on Halo3 seen as it is multi-platform. Secondly the highest grossing movie of all time was Pirates of The Caribbean: At Worlds End, which made $404 million in the first week. Is that a bead of sweat I see forming on the brow of Hollywood?

All this news will be wetting the lips of EA who have recently made another offer for Take-Two, an offer that comes off the table on the eve on Take-Two’s annual general meeting, which happens to be tonight. Currently, Take-Two is urging investors to hold on to their stock.

“It is funny that the Nintendo Wii has gathered so much steam that we are beginning to ask ourselves if their games will impact the sales of triple-A titles such as Grand Theft Auto,” Said Divinch, summing up to It looks like we’re in for quite a ride.