Is Tresling the greatest game/sport ever? Yes.

What if I told you that there was a way to combine the over the top (movie reference intended) action of arm wrestling with the classic puzzle competition of multi-player Tetris? You’d probably say something like, “Matt, you’ve finally lost it. We’re going to take you to a nice padded room.” But I’d just point and laugh. And then, right at the moment you were going to slip the straight jacket onto my body I’d point you here, and you would sit, slack jawed and dumbfounded, straight jacket dropped to the floor, and wonder how this much awesome could have ever been invented. After watching the video at the page you would then turn to me and want to know more about this amazing combination of what might be the two greatest sports in the history of man. To which I could only shake my head slowly and admit that I know about as much as you.

Creator Tom Gerhardt seems to believe in the minimalist approach to debuting what might possibly be the next revolution in sports and doesn’t give us much background to his creation. It seems you move the pieces via pushing the other persons arm one way or the other and rotate with a side button. This means you not only have to have the smarts for Tetris strategy but the brawn for control of piece movement around the screen. A truly epic combination. In all seriousness, the game looks like it is really fun to play and while arm wrestling hasn’t been in since the day of young Stallone I believe it is high time for a comeback.