More doctor assisted homicide in Team Fortress 2

Details have finally surfaced from Valve about new weapons for one of the characters in Team Fortress 2. The Medic, my personal favorite, will be getting three new weapons. There’s a catch though. You have to unlock these weapons. That means you have to complete certain achievements before you can rain down uber amounts of pain with your new toys. There’s about 36 achievements to be had, with a new weapon being unlocked for every 12th achievement completed. Here’s a quick rundown of the new content.

The Blutsaugher is a new syringe gun that takes health away from opponents every time a syringe hits them. The first 12 completed achievements will get you this gun.

The Critzcrieg is unlocked after 24 achievements. It’s a new form of the medigun that when charged, enables the person being healed to deal out critical hits 100% of the time. No ubercharge for this one guys, so it takes some strategy to take full advantage of this weapon.

Finally, the ubersaw is delivered after all 36 achievements have been completed (way to go if you pull this off). The ubersaw will increase your ubercharge every time you nail someone melee style. Four hits equals full ubercharge.

This content is going to be available in April and only for PC at this time. There’s no reason why this shouldn’t come to consoles though, so let’s just keep our fingers crossed.