No new DS model at E3

We can all stop wondering now. Nintendo of Japan has thrown a wrench into the rumor mill that suggested a Nintendo DS redesign was going to be unveiled at this years Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). This rumor apparently started when Enterbrain president Hirokazu Hamamura said,”I think there is the possibility.” He was, of course, referring to the DS redesign.

Nintendo of Japan’s PR department issued the following statement,”We cannot comment on the specifics of what will be announced at E3, but at the very least there won’t be anything like what Mr. Hamamura suggested, so would like to clearly deny this. We’re having a hard time understanding what kind of evidence Mr. Hamamura had for saying this.”

So there it is folks. We can either accept this and move on with our lives, or remain optimistic about a new DS being released. Maybe not at E3, but sometime down the line. The DS Lite is still selling like hot cakes so an immediate revision may not be a top priority at this time. If there was a DS redesign instead of a brand new portable platform, what would you like for it to have?

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