PSN cards finally coming to the US

It’s almost time to put those debit and credit cards away for good. It’s been a long time coming, but Sony has finally said that prepaid PSN cards are coming stateside this Spring. Peter Dille on the PlayStation Blog wrote, “We are rolling out the PlayStation Cards to retailers nationwide as we speak.” They will be issued as $20 and $50 cards.

This announcement comes right off the heels of the PS Store redesign and it’s obviously not a coincidence. It seems Sony is really putting on its game face on this year. The PLAYSTATION Store has some pretty interesting downloadable games coming out in the future. Echochrome and Elefunk are two titles that come to mind, not to mention more PS1 classics on the horizon. It looks like sunny days are ahead for PlayStation fans. Now that network cards are coming this Spring, PS3 owners only have to wait for in-game XMB and Home to land before we really see where this console war is heading.