Advertising Liberty City

Rockstar is proving it can hang with the big boys and get just as involved with the advertising and marketing of their product as any big budget movie or TV program. And of course, nothing gets the big boys more excited than a good innovative guerrilla marketing campaign.

The image above, shows GTA IV’s protagonist Niko coming out of a doorway on N. 5th Street and Bedford Ave. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Rockstar have also been placing little cutsie Rockstar logos on the subway along with more high profile paintings and adverts on the sides of buildings.

Rockstar’s headquarters are in New York and it seems they want to drum up support in their home town and further afield with the campaign. They have shown they have something of an affinity towards urban art, the box art was revealed by a large mural, the making of which was sped up into one of the game’s trailers.

A lot of this may not be their own doing, the official Grand Theft Auto IV website has had the infamous wanted posters of Niko and co. available for download. Some eager beavers may have taken it upon themselves to spread the news. I wouldn’t put it past some fans and I’m sure a lot of people would be proud to be a part of the hype.

You have to wonder how far news of this will penetrate outside of the gaming community or outside of New York. That said, not a lot may be riding on this particular part of their campiagn, the success of the game is almost a dead cert so maybe this is just Rockstar or Take-Two or some marketing department proving that it is big enough and bad enough to do all the clever things other companies do.

With the first reviews beginning to pop up, giving great scores across the board and the first TV ads surfacing, it seems the build up has officially begun and this kind of advertising just adds to the excitement, winding gamers up like a coil until, come April 29th, they let us loose like so many clockwork monkeys.

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