From Slough to Liberty City – Ricky Gervais cameos in GTA IV

From the dog house to the penthouse, British stand-up comedian and writer Ricky Gervais has gone from a paper-pushing office manager in Slough to one of the (hopefully many) surprising voice cameos in the latest installment of the Grand Theft Auto series. Gervais, best known for his work as David Brent – the clueless, self absorbed boss from the original The Office, has confirmed through the magazine Shortlist that he was tapped by Rockstar to appear in Liberty City’s The Comedy Club as, well, himself. In addition to a rework of some of his more popular stand-up material, Gervais has also written an additional three minutes of all-new, exclusive content just for GTA.

“It’s a first – which always interests me,” said Gervais. “It was shot in New York, my favourite place in the world, and I got to wear a tight lycra suit as part of the digital process. No, hold on, that wasn’t so good.”

“Unfortunately they captured the whole horror, except I look slightly tougher. It is seriously a big deal, though. Games have outsold Hollywood for the past few years so it’s nice to be a small part of that.”

Rumor has it that, in addition to performing in The Comedy Club, Gervais will make another appearance elsewhere in Liberty City. Whether it’s as a quest giver, in a cut-scene, or just some guy driving a flash set of wheels you just happen to carjack, we don’t know yet, but knowing Rockstar and their history with celebrity cameos, it’ll probably be good.