PC gaming winding down, says Sorenson

With EA recently giving PC gamers the shaft by dropping Madden 09 and the news that PCs accounted for only 14% of gaming in 2007 there has been some wondering as to what future the trusty home PC has.

Speaking to Gamesindustry.biz, Jack Sorenson of THQ has admitted PC gaming may be on the decline, “Whether it really is all about piracy, or it just becomes the domination of consoles, or […] the ubiquity of gaming: there’s a way to get gaming so many ways now that thinking about the PC as a disc-based platform may in fact be old,”

“A lot of what we’re looking at is the PC as a delivery mechanism because it’s connected to the Internet. Maybe disc-based software is on a permanent decline, maybe to a certain level where it won’t go down anymore, but that digital download, MMO, free-to-play, all of this stuff is coming through the PC.”

There has been a lot of talk recently over digital downloads and their relevance to modern gaming. With the great connectivity of PC’s and the fact their storage capacity is typically greater than that of consoles it would make sense for it to begin there. Also, developments and advances in flash technology are meaning that browser based gaming is becomes more developed and more technically impressive all the time. Obviously, the tide is changing. In which direction, only time will tell.