Star Soldier R making its way to WiiWare

Haven’t had enough of a fix from Super Star Soldier on the Virtual Console? No? In that case, Hudson is serving up another Star Soldier through WiiWare. Star Soldier R is breaking the mold from core Star Soldier experience by offering tournament-style gameplay. No, that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to enter a 32 man, free-for-all, intergalatic shoot-out, but you will be able to put your highscore against the the top scores worldwide.

The break from traditional Star Soldier games doesn’t stop there. At its core, the game offers 2 standard modes; the 2-Minute or 5-Minute Mode’s. In the 2-Minute Mode, players play a stage with a boss at the end. In the 5-Minute Mode, there is different level to play through with a different boss. Rounding out the game modes is the Quick Shot Mode, which basically let’s you see how quick you rack up a highscore and see how you fair on the games online leaderboards.

While this might not be as expansive as online offerings from PSN or Xbox LIVE, it looks like Nintendo is really getting a lot of support for its first foray into an online service. Now if they’d just cave-in on the harddrive issue…