New weapons bring the pain to Saints Row 2

THQ has released a brand new trailer (and screenshots) that exhibits some gameplay footage as well as the weaponry that will be available in its upcoming sandbox crime shooter Saints Row 2, set to release this summer. Players will be able to battle the local gangs and reclaim the fictional city of Stillwater using a cache of weapons including chainsaws, mini-guns, and even C4. Wait, is that a defibrillator?

Another feature seen in this trailer is the inclusion of over the top vehicles such as monster trucks and crop duster planes. We also get our first look at helicopters and watercraft, vehicles that have been previously unavailable in Stillwater. These vehicles are sure to add to the over-the-top fun that Saints Row 2 is capable of. Just imagine the possibilities: With the new inclusion of full cooperative play, one player would be able to do a “drive-by” on his or her gang of choice from 100 feet in the air in a helicopter, while his or her partner in crime drops explosives from outside of the passenger window. Complete annihilation is guaranteed to ensue.

Another aspect of the trailer that jumps out is the number of shops that line the streets. It appears that players will have many more interiors to purchase clothes, weapons, porn(?), and to generally use as a theater for mayhem.

If you want to see the weapons up close and personal, plus for some detailed info on each, head to the Saints Row 2 gallery.

Saints Row 2 is certainly going to have its work cut out for it, with its competition Grand Theft Auto IV being just around the corner ready to smash records for games and Hollywood alike. However, it’s too early to count THQ out, because from the looks of things, they will be bringing a few fun toys of their own to the sandbox this August.

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