Review / Mega Turrican

Nintendo’s Virtual Console is a beautiful thing. But what should you spend you hard earned Wii Points on? How do you tell the difference between the completely awful and the unbelievably awesome? Luckily, I play them all so you don’t have to. This week’s update was SEGA heavy, so let’s get to it.

Mega Turrican

Players: 1
Price: 800 Points
Controllers: Wii remote, Classic controller, Gamecube controller

Mega Turrican is a 16-bit side scrolling action platformer in which you play as Bren McGuire, member of the United Planets Freedom Force. Armed with your Turrican assault suit your mission is to defeat the Machine and stop it from basically destroying the universe. Corny? Yes, but story is never the high point in run n’ gun games. Not too say that this game doesn’t deliver, because you get everything you’ve come to expect from the genre; a ton of power ups, bosses and mini bosses everywhere, and a plethora of aliens and robots to destroy. Perhaps Mega Turrican is not as memorable as other Genesis run n’ gun games such as Gunstar Heroes and Contra: Hard Corpse, but it certainly deserves to be held in the same high regard. If you are a fan of the run n’ gun genre and you’ve never played Mega Turrican, I would look into downloading this title. Verdict: Buy