Xbox 360 sales double in Europe

Microsoft has announced that ever since their recent price cuts on the Xbox 360 family of consoles, sales in Europe have more than doubled, giving the console another boost in its quest to be the number one current-gen console in Europe. “Xbox 360 is truly the next-generation console of choice among consumers, and today’s numbers are proof that we are delivering on our commitment to achieve critical mass in Europe,” said Chris Lewis, Vice President, Microsoft Interactive Entertainment Business Europe.

Back in early March, Microsoft lowered its entry level retail price to £159.9, helping the console appeal to an even broader audience. It seems to have been a well-timed move which immediately showed results and has paid off amidst the battle for market share with rivals Sony and Nintedo, especially in the wake of Blu-ray’s format war victory and with offerings such as the Grand Theft Auto IV PlayStation 3 bundle on the horizon, reportedly causing Microsoft to sweat.