Blizzard releases WoW beta Spanish language pack

For those of you who haven’t stayed entirely up to date with Blizzards attempt to provide World of Warcraft to everyone on Earth, it may come as a bit of a surprise that you’re now able to download the beta language pack for the Latin America-Spanish version of WoW. This comes well within the first half of 2008 time frame that Blizzard set in its press announcement earlier (just goes to show that Blizzard doesn’t delay everything). If you’re going to give the Spanish language pack a try, the only thing that I saw that was worth noting was that it will take your game back to 2.0 and you’ll have to download your updates all over again.

I don’t know exactly how many sounds there are within World of Warcraft but with such an immense universe I imagine that the number is not low, so when I read that they were re-recording everything I was quite surprised. Along with an entirely new audio library, Blizzard will also be offering 24/7 Spanish support to customers in both North and South America. When you look at information like this, it definitely appears as though Blizzard is moving forward in full force. With announcements that they have reached 10 million subscribers and more recently 1 million concurrent players in China, I’m interested in seeing how many more people will succumb to WoW’s might.