CoD4 sets new record for content on Xbox LIVE

CoD4 seems to have done it again. First it kept pace and eventually out paced Halo 3 for players participating online, then it was the top selling game of 2007, and now Activision has announced that more than 1 million gamers have purchased the new Variety Map Pack in the first 9 days of availability, setting a new Xbox LIVE Marketplace record.

Couple that with the fact that between April 4-12 LIVE users played 30 million game sessions and logged 32 million hours of game time, and your’e looking at some pretty solid numbers for Infinity Ward’s shooter.

Senior Vice President of Global Brand Management for Activision Will Kassoy said:”Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare delivers one of the best online multiplayer experiences ever. We are excited to be able to expand that experience and deliver to fans a new variety of locations and environments which have all of the intensity they have come to expect with Call of Duty.”

Well, I know I was one of the millions of gamers that logged time in that week, it’s also a good idea when you give players a good incentive to purchase the downloadable content for an already solid game. Like the double experience bonus Infinity Ward was nice enough to include.

The Call of Duty 4 Variety Map Packs is available now on for Xbox 360 and will be available for PS3 on April 24.

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