Mass Effect rewards PC gamers with free DLC, screws Xbox-ers

As a gamer who got really excited, really early about BioWare’s 2007 planet-hopping, alien-lovin’ Mass Effect, the more I hear about the PC version of the game, the more miffed I feel. Beyond combat better adapted to keyboard hot-keying, the PC version now integrates individual squad control to allow for more tactical maneuvering as well as a more sophisticated decryption mini-game. Higher resolution graphics, less frame-rate glitches and texture-popping, as well as a better, more streamlined HUD and inventory screen are all extra bonuses to the PC version of the game. Granted, PC gamers will have to wait until May to get their hands on Captain Shepard and the Normandy, but that’s cold consolation, especially on the heels of the announcement that Bring Down the Sky — the first of many planned DLC episodes — will be available for free to PC users on release day.

Now, granted, Bring Down the Sky didn’t break my piggy bank, but am I missing something? Is this a way to placate or entice PC-users to purchase the game with an added incentive? Or is it just assumed that if you have an Xbox LIVE account, that you’re willing to shell out the few extra bucks for additional content?

Right now, my only consolation is that the elevators in the PC version are still as slow as ever. Now if they had fixed that, I’d have been really ticked.

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