Mortal Kombat takes on DC Comics

DC Comics has been stirring up quite a bit of news recently. Earlier this week we all found out that they would be starting a new comic book series based on the upcoming PROTOTYPE character, and now they’re entering into the Mortal Kombat arena with Batman as their leader. Holy marketing tactics Batman! This could be the most brilliant or most ridiculous cross-over in the history of videogames. Can fans really take seeing the Dark Knight impaled on the razor sharp claws of Baraka?

Some rumors speculate that this new take on Mortal Kombat will be different than what we’re used to seeing. Supposedly, there won’t be any fatalities or copious amounts of blood. It looks like Midway is taking a page out of Namco Bandai’s strategy book in incorporating pop culture icons into fighting games just like Soul Caliber IV.

More information is going to be released very soon from Midway’s Gamer’s Day event in Las Vegas. We could see more DC characters entering the fray in this one. We’ll keep you posted.