Update / New Project Origin gameplay

Update / The trailers initially released by Monolith’s PR department today turned out to be 2 months old and were missing the latest effects and sound work. They’ve since sent out replacement trailers and the videos in this post have been replaced by the new ones.

Having just recently played through the original FEAR on the PC again, Monolith’s latest trailers for Project Origin couldn’t have come at a more teasing time. Showing everything the original had, only bigger and better, these new shots of gameplay wet my appetite right to the point where I wish it was Q4 2008 already.

What we see here is some of the destructive action the series is known for, first in a dirty subway (above) and then in a sterile school hospital environment.

Project Origin begins shortly before the original game ends (reminder: *kaboom*), and will feature better AI and weapons, plus new locations and powers, and will be released later in the year for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

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