New Wii shooter aims for 360 quality graphics

The video above is a tech demo for the aspiring Wii title The Conduit. It’s being made by High Voltage Software and they’re determined to provide a great story as well as the best graphics ever seen on a Wii. Kerry Ganofsky, the CEO of High Voltage Software made a rather bold statement regarding Wii graphics in a recent interview, saying, “Most of the games on the Wii look like crap. We want to change that, so we’ve invested heavily in our Wii tech over the past year.”

The Conduit puts us behind the gun of Secret Service Agent Ford in modern day Washington D.C. Aliens have attacked us (again) and you need to find answers the only way you know how… by shooting stuff. The game is a fast paced FPS with super intelligent A.I. built in. It also contains an interesting piece of hardware call the All Seeing Eye that allows you to… see all I guess.

The game doesn’t have a publisher yet, so it may be a while before it’s released. If it is, I expect some Wii Zapper action to be included in the gameplay.

I leave you now with another quote from Ganofsky about his take on Wii owners position on gameplay, “Of course they care about gameplay, but we believe if given the choice, they would want great graphics as well. It’s just a cop out. With Conduit, we are trying to make a Wii game that looks like a 360 title.”