Things on Wheels in motion

Southpeak Games, the independent publisher behind such titles as Two Worlds and Monster Madness: Battle for Suburbia, has released a trailer for their recently announced Xbox LIVE Arcade racer. Things on Wheels is their latest offering and collaboration with Load Inc., and is all set to fill the void that currently exists for mini-toy car racing on XBL Arcade.

The most notable thing about this teaser is the location of the races. Instead of zooming down a freeway along the beach, or a humid desert, as are the settings for most racers, players will be racing across kitchen floors and wood paneled hallways in a huge, empty mansion.

And apparently, the mansion really is freakin’ huge. “We kept the video intentionally short”, said Herve Nedelec, Art Director of Load Inc. “It’s long enough so you get a feel of where you’ll be racing – but it’s just a glance, there’s a lot more to discover inside and outside our huge house”. Load Inc. is the development team responsible for the Xbox trilogy Mad Tracks. They specialize in physics and arcade games, namely those relating to racing. For those of you who were disappointed by Activison’s Hot Wheels: Beat That last year, well, we may have found your new favorite game.