Microsoft to Sony: You’re a day late and a dollar short

Here we go again with the executive jabs! Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg in a recent interview with Next-Gen offered his opinion on who is controlling the core user market this gen stating: “The battle for the core user is sort of over, if you will… I feel we’ve secured that core buyer, and that gives us quite a bit of an advantage versus PS3, which is late to the game and still at a price disadvantage relative to the Xbox.”

Greenberg didn’t fully count Sony down for the count and even managed to give Sony a bit of a compliment saying that they were “a very formidable competitor in Europe,” but the friendliness stopped there. When asked about PS3’s upcoming monster release schedule and smart bundle packaging of games like MGS4, GT5: Prologue, and GTA IV posed a threat to Xbox 360 moving forward he declared: “They’re trying to go after a consumer that has already bought an Xbox 360. You could say they showed up with too little, too late.”