Microsoft to spend as much marketing $$$ on GTA IV as they did on Halo 3

Be afraid, be very afraid. Microsoft has said that they plan to push marketing resources for GTA IV as hard as they did for Halo 3 (no GTA IV inspired energy drinks PLEASE!), which was is the $10million range.

Stephen McGill, head of gaming for Xbox UK went on record to say: “Our campaign is the same sort of scale as our Halo 3 campaign last year so you can expect to see and hear a lot about GTA IV on Xbox 360 over the coming weeks.”

Not like we haven’t already been hearing tons of news on this one, but with a marketing push using lifestyle press advertising and TV ad spots, there’s no doubt that if you haven’t heard about the game, you’re going to hear about it in the near future.

Although the game is scheduled for the PS3 as well, with Sony’s machine getting a special GTA IV bundle, McGill hints that the 360 version may have a slight edge due to its online features saying: “Reviews of the game are now coming in and it’s getting a fantastic response, and the press are highlighting how massive the Xbox 360 exclusive downloadable will be and how easy and great it is to play multiplayer with friends over Xbox Live.”

So that just leaves the question: which version will you be getting when the gates to Liberty City open in 10 days?

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