NYCC kicks off, That VideoGame Blog is there for you

The New York City Comic Con. Who really knows why a comic convention has so many games at it but I think it’s because, as the friendly girl at the Space Chimps game booth said, “I think, you know, it’s, like, the same crowd that likes both.” Oh Space Chimps girl, you are so very wise. Who really cares why there are a plethora of games there, though? The games are there and That VideoGame Blog is going to tell you all about them.

Jason, Zee and I are all up in this con like Kryll on a Gear whose accidentally stumbled into a dark patch. Today was the first day of the con and, aside from learning that Space Chimps exists, we’ve already gone hands on with the new Iron Man game and talked to some of its developers, talked with Spider-Man: Web of Shadows producer and basically shot the s**t with the guys from SouthPeak, who may have one of the most addictive XBL puzzle games out there with Roogoo. We’ll get all this news too you over the coming week along with information on Gears of War 2, hands on with Civilization: Revolution and an interview with the guys who put together the Nerdcore calendar. Possibly the most gaming related news will be from the MMO department. The con has booths for Gaia, EVE Online, Warhammer, LOTR Online and a few more. We, of course, will be bringing as much as we can on all of them too.

The NYCC was pretty dead today as it was a Friday and the action didn’t really start up till closer to the end of the day. Of course once it did there was no shortage of cosplayers and nerds. The line for Metal Gear Online got ridicously long and Activision’s screening of the Spider-Man: Web of Shadows trailer, which started very 30 minutes or so, was drawing a pretty big crowd. There was also an awesome beanbag booth which was basically a place for everyone to crash and play their DS. Or that’s what I did. Aside from the panels on gaming and the gaming industry I’m really looking forward to learning how to defend myself from the zombie apocalypse, learning how great the new X-Files movie is going to be and how terrible (in the awesome way) Starship Troopers 3 will be.

What about you, loyal readers? Anything you want us to find out or ask about? Konami, Activision, 2K Games, Ubisoft, Square Enix and SouthPeak are all there. We’ve got shiny press passes and we aren’t afraid to use them for your benefit.