Saku Saku Animal Panic coming to the US as Critter Round-Up

Following the Nintendo Media Summit last week, with its plethora of WiiWare titles, Konami flashed some WiiWare news of its own. Critter Round-Up, known as Saku Saku Animal Panic in Japan, will be Konami’s first WiiWare title released in North America.

Developed by Los Angeles based Epicenter Studios, Critter Round-Up is a family friendly puzzle game where up to four players try to build fences to separate different types of critters. The challenge comes from fencing in the right critters together as well as avoiding other animals and obstacles trying to block you. Players also have to avoid touching the critters their rounding up. Once fenced in with their own species the critters will bust a move with a species specific dance.

Critter Round-Up features 5 different environments and 50 levels of gameplay. Gameplay modes include cooperative Adventure and Challenge modes as well as a Marathon Mode. The fun doesn’t end there though; Critter Round-Up also features mini games like Snowball Soccer and Predator Rampage. The dancing critters and light atmosphere garner this title an “E” for Everyone rating from the ESRB.

Konami also announced future planned WiiWare releases including Crescendo (working title), a musical experience fused with quick, frantic action and Fresco Beach (working title), a game where players create their own sandcastles and maintain their structure amidst the dangers of the beach.