Midway looks to a more casual audience

Midway continues to implement their plan to secure its future in the gaming world. Twenty new downloadable titles will be made available to PC gamers later this Spring. The titles will be found on midway.com, as well as midwayarcade.com. Midway feels like the growing casual market presents a great and profitable opportunity for them.

In addition to the new website, President and CEO Matt Booty (hold laughs until the end of the story) also announced sequels to Touchmaster and Game Party on the Nintendo DS and Wii consoles. “Our plans include significant front line releases, ambitious new intellectual properties, reinvigorating franchises with well-established fan bases, and new offerings in the casual market,” said Booty.

Midway’s plans to get back on the money train is almost in full effect. We’ll see how well they do as the year progresses.