Rumor: The Darkness sequel in the works

When considering the high cost and high risk associated with game development this generation, sequels to even mildly successful videogames tend to be a certainty. And while no one will care about another sequel to a WWII-themed Call of Duty, some sequels are highly anticipated. So it will come as little surprise then that, at the New York Comic Con this weekend, a follow up to the well-received The Darkness was hinted at all but officially announced by Top Cow Productions, the holder of the Darkness IP: “We can’t say Darkness and videogame sequel in the same sentence. So, Darkness. Wink. Sequel.”

No developer was named but my money is on Starbreeze, the developer of the original game. They’ve already shown quite a bit of skill in telling dark and gritty stories. They’re currently working on a port of Chronicles of Riddick for the Xbox 360 and PS3 which is due out later this year, but a quick stop by their website shows they are actively hiring for work on an “upcoming, undisclosed, project.”

The original The Darkness was released in 2007, accompanied my mostly 8/10 reviews, and tells the revenge tale of mafia hitman named Jackie Estacado. Jackie is possessed by an evil entity which grants him powerful abilities, allowing him to tear a path of destruction through the streets of New York City, all in an effort to kill his mob boss of an uncle who tried blowing Jackie up on his 21st birthday.