D’oh! Capcom makes Okami error of mythical proportions

Now for something from the “you’ve got to be kidding me…” folder as Capcom managed to brings us a couple of laughs over the weekend. It seems that the art department at Capcom doesn’t have enough of its own assets to draw from, so they’ve resorted to an age-old tactic that many internet savvy gen-x’ers are quite familiar with: stealing. Apparently when creating the box art for their new Wii version of Okami they went to IGN for inspiration, and decided to leave their watermark on it just for good measure.

This has to be one of the funniest gaming goofs I’ve seen in some time, to be honest. I mean you’d have to think that the company that made the game would have plenty of art assets to utilize when creating a box for their title. Even the picture in question had to have come from Capcom at some point in time. I guess that just didn’t matter to the folks behind the scenes, because they used a clearly watermarked image to emblazon on the front of their hit title port and now they’ll just have to live with the consequences. Those consequences being a total and complete razzing from every single member of the internet gaming community. Flame on!