Solid Snake, Pyramid Head do sports on DS

Konami has today announced its forthcoming New International Track and Field title for DS. The game celebrates the 25th birthday of the original arcade title and features 24 events from across the athletic board. These include throwing events such as Javelin and Hammer, while the 100m sprint and 110m Hurdles are within the track area. Also included are a full range of Jumps, Shooting Range, Gym, Pool and Cycling challenges.

In a similar way to Super Smash Bro’s the game isnt taking itself too seriously and a number of well known faces from Konami’s back catalouge will be joining the birthday celebrations. By completing specific challenges, players can access Solid Snake from the Metal Gear Solid series and Pyramid Head of Silent Hill fame, among others.

SUMO Digital, who have been commissioned by Konami to bring the game up date, have been making full use of the DS. Including use of the Nintendo DS Microphone to boost an athlete’s performance. For the first time, maybe in the history of sport, shouting at the screen may actually make your favourite athlete or team perform better.

The game also boasts an online mode allowing gamers to compete with one another. The game also features a ‘Newsfeed’ system wherein ‘World Records’ are updated and reported as and when they are broken.

Expect the game to reach shelves June 12th. Though I think Konami may have bigger fish to fry that day, Solid Snake may be double booked.