Lost Cities to be found on LIVE this Wednesday

Today, Microsoft and Sierra Online announced the release of their new turn-based strategy arcade game Lost Cities. The game will cost 800 Microsoft Points and remains faithful to the original card game of the same name. This Wednesday, players will embark on a journey to “exotic destinations where riveting adventures await.”

Players will use their wit and cunning to outplay their opponents in a game that combines strategic thinking and risky gameplay. Ultimately, the goal is to play the hand given in such way that earns the player the most points in order to win. Players will be able to make sprawling expeditions through the various lost cities that include a variety of settings including the Himalayas, the Brazilian rain forest, deserts, volcanoes and even the ocean floors. And since this is an Xbox LIVE title, you will not have to journey alone; players can invite up to three friends to join in over Xbox LIVE. For fans of games like Risk and Xbox LIVE Arcade’s own Carcassone, this is looking like a must-grab.

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