GDAA and TIGA lobby for tax breaks for developers

Wherever there is injustice, you will find them. Wherever there is suffering, they’ll be there. Wherever liberty is threatened, you will find… The GDAA and TIGA! Both organizations have today announced that they will be working a lot closer together as they lobby both the UK and Australian governments for the interests of the gaming industry.

Both organizations will be pushing for their respective governments to get their act in gear and give tax breaks to videogame developers.

Bondar, CEO of the Austrialian GDAA, and Wilson of the British TIGA commented in a joint statement, “Australian and UK game developers can compete successfully against game developers across the globe when market conditions are fair. However, the scales are increasingly tipped against them when the governments of other countries, especially Canada, heavily subsidise their game developers”.

“With 300+ companies involved in the video game industry in Canada, some 56% are now developing proprietary technology due to the funding initiatives of the Canadian government”, it was pointed out by Bondar.

Quite frankly its about time governments sat up and took the videogame industry seriously. With some games taking over movies in terms of sales and gross this industry isn’t childsplay in the slightest. Though, with the amount of bad press videogames receive, governments will want to be cautious before they start supporting an industry that, in the eyes of some, is such a cultural blight. Funny how they dont mind taxing cultural blight though, isn’t it?