Pimp my gun, new details for THEY

Publisher Metropolis and and developer IMC have squeezed out a bunch of really nice looking screenshots for their upcoming first-person shooter, THEY. Last we heard of THEY was back in January when NVIDIA signed the game for their “The way it´s meant to be played” program.

The game will put you up against a whole bunch of scary (and cool) looking aliens, kind of a cross between the Predator and the Alien queen (and some you could swear came right off the set of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within movie), who are the eponymous THEY, and their mechanical creations. This will take place in London, in the “not too distant future.” So far, so generic.

The USP for this game seems to be the ability to “Pimp my weapon”, or the “Weapon tuning system” to give it the official title (I know which I prefer). You only get one gun but it is endlessly customizable, you can even invent your own color schemes (check out the Zebra effect). The developers claim that “imagination is the only limit, because the variety of customization is huge!” Sounds interesting enough, if the weapon, in all of its complexity, will remain easy to use.

They also hinted that the game may feature some squad based action, (almost) fully destructible environments and a crazy online multiplayer mode, so the developers seem to be ticking all the right boxes for a quality FPS at the moment, though we’ll have to wait until ’09 to see how it all turns out.

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