Update / 38 Studios adds EverQuest lead designer to team

Curt Schilling will definitely be put in the baseball hall of fame, most likely as soon as possible. He has earned four World Series rings throughout the series of his career and what does he do when he is preparing to retire but follow the other American pastime and create a gaming studio. Curt Schilling didn’t up and decide that games were how to make more money, he’s been actively involved in the game community, playing MMORPGs since the mid 90’s when his teammates got him involved in Ultima Online. His desire to become involved in the industry along with several years of planning resulted in Green Monster Games, now called 38 Studios, being formed in September 2006.

Working hard for the last year and a half, Schilling has added well known names such as Todd McFarlane, creator of the Spawn comic, and R.A. Salvatore, author of the Forgotten Realms novels to the team. This great artistic leadership would be nothing if they didn’t have the development team to back it up and it looks like they’re going to. They’ve been able to grab Brett Close as President, who has worked for Midway and EA, Steve Danuser as Director of Community Development/Senior Designer who was the lead Community Manager for EverQuest II, and more recently Travis McGeathy as Systems Design Lead who was the lead designer for the original EverQuest. Among these more well known individuals, 38 Studios has gone on to grab a slew of other talent within the industry.

You may be able to tell from the jobs above that the first major project for 38 Studios will be a MMOG (they’ve licensed Epic’s Unreal Engine 3, however it is impossible to tell whether that is for project or another). I know that some of you have been clamoring for games to become more original, so this quote from Schilling may help to appease you, “Publishing great games has more to do with the people you have on board than it does with the cash and ideas you bring to the table.”

If you’re interested in learning more about 38 Studios you can head over to their website, however if you’re more interested about Curt Schilling and his gaming history you may want to check out his interview with fellow WoW players on The Instance (I for one didn’t know that his voice was featured for a boss in EverQuest II).

Update: Andrea from 38 Studios’ friendly PR department shot us a quick message and asked us to remind our readers that, next to licensing Epic’s Unreal Engine 3, they’ve also licensed BigWorld’s widely used technology suite to assist with the technical side of things of their MMO. We tried to pin out some, any, information about the game but, “Unfortunately (I know, hate that word too!), we aren’t releasing any game info at this time.” They will be ready to show “a little something” at the upcoming Comic Con in San Diego though, so we’ll just have to sit still for a little longer.