Devil May Cry 4 coming to PC this summer

A lovely press release from Capcom just arrived in our inbox, bringing word that Devil May Cry 4 will be heading on over to the ever fading gaming world of the PC. Capcom will be brining the game out, proceeded by a demo, some time this summer. This makes plenty of sense since the console versions were massive hits and I’m sure some PC gamers out there wanted to play this one. It turns out that if, for whatever reason, they waited to play the game on the PC that patience is really going to pay off since, much like the PC version of Gears of War, DMC4 is going to have some extra content you don’t find in the consoles versions.

To begin with Capcom is taking advantage of your computers (hopefully) more powerful processing power to up the graphics and resolution throughout the game. That isn’t all though as the game will feature two new modes to play through. The first being a Turbo Mode which will “turn-up the action to insane speeds” and the second being Legendary Dark Knight Mode which “will harness advanced PC processing power and fill the screen with an unbelievable number of enemies for extra difficulty.” Sounds like fun…really, really hard fun. Also of note is that enemies players already know will be showing up in different places throughout the game, giving the levels a bit of a change. Devil May Cry 4 for the PC will have both DirectX 9 and DirectX 10 modes, and will also be compliant with the Games For Windows program.

If this is anything like the Gears PC port you’ll get extra content but lose the controls the game was designed for. Console designed games often just aren’t as much fun on the PC since they weren’t made for them. But, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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