GTA IV pirated, footage leaked online

Early this morning, it was reported that torrents of a little-known upcoming title Grand Theft Auto IV began surfacing on websites that host such files. Soon after, in-game footage began appearing online. Rockstar Games and Take-Two have been acting quickly to suppress videos appearing on YouTube, and had this to say: “We’re aware of this video, who posted it, and are taking care of it. It’s sad to see things like this happening so close to launch, especially when people deserve a better first look.”

Regardless of their fast action, the video has still been popping up on other sites like DailyMotion and Gametrailers. I was unable to resist taking a peek myself, and I gotta say it feels kinda dirty. All of the footage released so far has been very grainy and taken right off the players’ screens, and definitely not what Rockstar wanted the fans first-impressions to be based on. All of that aside though, even the low-res footage looks great.

With 6 days left until launch, I think we can expect a lot more footage and information leaking about the game; those who want to go unspoiled will need to watch their step when surfing the internet for the next week or so.